I offer a variety of skills, but most important to me is working with the client, the team members and the user. Products become great when you focus on the needs of the customer. Ideas become great when a variety of bright minds come together and engage in an honest exchange.


My goal is to create extraordinary designs that appeal to the target group and make them want more. Today's world moves fast, users get tired of products quickly. Therefore it is my concern to create designs that let the user have an experience.

Prototyping and Wireframing.

Great products put their users in the center. I can feel real empathy with the users when I can talk to them and understand them. For this kind of conversation prototypes or wireframes are helpful to get a first impression of how the user thinks and feels.


I use different tools to finish my tasks:
* Sketch
* XD, Photoshop, Illustrator (Adobe)
* Invision, Zeplin

If you need me to use a different tool them these one, let me know. Maybe I'll find a way to figure out how to use it.