Seelenkonferenz – the Box

A psychological card set, which should help you to more mindfulness, self-love and awareness

Inner peace, a caring approach to oneself and contentment in life, that is what everyone wants. Only the path to this often feels cumbersome. I would like to show you a possible way to find yourself – open yourself to new thoughts and be curious. Then you will also find the beauty within yourself.

How does it work?

The Seelenkonferenz card set offers you 40 questions that you can answer alone or together with someone you know.

My goal

I love to face my own fears, to overcome them and to grow steadily. I would like to talk about this growth and inspire you to face your own fears and uncertainties as well. Because I believe that every human being has to know and live out his innermost needs and wishes in order to become happy.

How do I want to do this? By helping you to gain awareness of your feelings, thoughts and needs and by encouraging you to enter into a conscious process of change. Since I am aware of how difficult personal change is, I would like to accompany you in this process: On the one hand through my blog articles, through a community built up in social networks or through the cooperation with coaches recommended by me.


  • Sarah Volpert


  • Brand Design
  • Product Design
  • Development psychological cards


  • German