Seelenkonferenz – the journey to yourself

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Design and psychology are my passions. Both areas drive me to know more and more, to try out and find myself.

Therefore I have developed Seelenkonferenz: with the product of Seelenkonferenz, the box, my blog articles and book recommendations I want to encourage people to face their fears and to consciously go into change. Because I am convinced that true happiness can only come from within and is supported by one’s own wishes and needs.

But do you know your needs and wishes?

In this startup I combine the knowledge of my two passions and fields of education, communication design and applied psychology. Because I am convinced that if the product fascinates you, the questions will also make it into your subconscious.

Founder and Idea

  • Sarah Volpert


  • Sarah Volpert


  • Alexander Keppler


  • Katja Schwarzwälder