The bag – a solid idea for working mothers and fathers

Mr &Mrs Jones, Bachelor thesis | Communicationdesign B.A.

Imagine the reality is different: in Germany there are more children, it is recognised that women leave work for a certain time to raise their children and men also take paternity leave without hesitation.

Imagine it is even strange if you don’t behave like that. Companies help their employees to plan their family and to reconcile work and family life… or in a bag.

Part of my studies was to learn to think differently. Therefore we were asked how we would solve social issues, for example how to combine child and job, private and professional life.

My answer to that:

A new way of thinking is necessary if humanity wants to live on. – Albert Einstein

So I developed an unconventional idea: child and job in one bag.

The pictures shown here are an excerpt of my bachelor thesis 2013, I developed the brand Mr&Mrs Jones, which would sell a kind of bag, I developed the branding and product design and finally built a prototype of the bag made of leather. Another part of my work was a webshop where this bag could be sold.


  • Leather, Yarn


  • Product Design
  • Development idea
  • Branding
  • Webdesign